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TGIF. Here is a Penguin Acrostic Poem freebie for your students. I love seeing my first graders think of words. They come up with the most creative things. Enjoy!

Click here for Penguin Freebie!

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Sunday, February 3rd.
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Oh Happy Day. We had a snow day here in Virginia. It only snowed one half inch but we still had the day off. On this wonderful day off I was able to complete my very first enrichment unit for my kiddos. The majority of my class is gifted so I am always looking for resources to keep their little minds challenged. So I created this Penguin Enrichment Unit.  It is a collection of independent penguin activites to enrich my students. The best part of this unit is that there is little prep. We are going to have some fun learning about Penguins! You can check it out here.

Click Here

This unit includes the following:
Penguin KWL
Penguin vs. Bird
Penguin Research
Looking at Penguins
Penguin Acrostic Poem
Penguin Literature Venn Diagram
Penguin Facts Trading Cards
Make your own Word Search
Make your own Penguin Double Digit Addition Problems
Make your own Penguin Double Digit Subtraction Problems
Penguin Making Words
Penguin Parts Art
How to Take Care of a Penguin story
All About Penguins book

         Here are some pictures from the unit.

There might be another snow storm tomorrow. I'm crossing my fingers!

It's been a wonderful three day weekend. I completed some projects I've been meaning to do for awhile. This week the weather in Virginia is supposed to get cold. Brrrr. Cold weather and I do not get along.

I've finally completed my Clip Chart Mega Pack. It includes everything that you need in order to have a clip chart system. It includes a clip chart, 2013 take home calendars, awards, think sheets, and a teacher log sheet. You can check it out at my Teachers Pay Teachers store. Click here.

Here are some pics from the pack.


I just posted a Classroom Jobs product on Teachers Pay Teachers. For years I've been struggling with finding a good system that doesn't take up too much space and is easy to manage. So I created these classroom jobs cards and all you need to do is copy, laminate, and add clips with students names. When you are ready to change jobs just move their clip. If a student doesn't have a job that week then their clip sits on the vacation card. It's that simple. Check it out at

Find it here.

I had to redo my blog and rename it. So here we go again. I like this blog name so much better. Here are the posts from my other blog:

In Virginia we have a complex SOL called Magnitude. It is similar to estimation but there are never any good resources in order to teach it. So what is a girl to do. Of course, when you can find something then make your own. So here is a Magnitude mini unit for all you 1st grade Virginia teachers out there any other teachers who teach Magnitude. It's a candy theme and includes various activities to practice Magnitude . It even includes a Creativity where the students create their own gumball Magnitude problem. Enjoy. Check it out at

Candy Magnitude
And now for a freebie. Here are editable scheduling cards for you to use for your daily schedule. They fit perfectly in a pocket chart.

When you download don't forget to download as a docx so that you can edit it!
Happy New Year 2013! I've been busy in the new year adding materials to Teachers Pay Teachers. Here is what I added today. Check them out at:
This is a Word Wall Pack. It includes headers and a full year worth of sight word cards.

This is a companion to the Word Wall. Students will be able to trace, make,
 and rainbow write each sight word.